WHAT! 3 Islamic Clerics in Custody for Beheading in Oyo State (See Details)

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

In a gruesome incident that has sent shockwaves through Oyo State, three Islamic clerics have been apprehended and are currently in custody at the Oyo State Criminal Investigation Department.

They stand accused of beheading a middle-aged man in a horrifying crime that has left the community in disbelief.


The victim, who had been working for one of the accused clerics, met a tragic end after being lured to a remote location in Moniya, located in the Akinyele Local Government Area of the state.

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The suspects allegedly used the guise of offering him a job, only to mercilessly take his life in a secluded area.

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The suspects were later apprehended by law enforcement at Apete, within the Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State.

Notably, one of the suspects is a prominent cleric known for his distinctive turban, well-known within the local Islamic community of Alapata.

This shocking case of violence and brutality has been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department in Iyaganku, where a comprehensive investigation is now underway.

The authorities are determined to uncover the truth behind this heinous crime and ensure that justice is served for the victim and their grieving family.

As the investigation unfolds, it raises questions about the motives behind such a horrific act and its impact on the community.


The people of Oyo State are left in sorrow and uncertainty, hoping for answers that can shed light on this disturbing event.

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