50 Cent Responds To Melle Mel Saying Eminem Is Top 5 Because He’s White

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On Sunday (March 5), 50 Cent took to Instagram to defend Eminem against Melle Mel’s recent comments that the only reason Eminem is considered a top five rapper is because he is White.

In his post, 50 Cent criticized Melle Mel for his negative remarks about Eminem’s No. 5 ranking on Billboard and Vibe’s Top 50 Greatest Rappers of All-Time list.

“There was more money selling dope than being in Hip Hop when Melly Mel was popping, the culture has grown so much,” Fif wrote in his IG post that has since been deleted.

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“I am not sure if it would be what it is today with out artist like Eminem. Shit I am not sure I would be who I am with out him but you know it is competitive so n****s gonna hate. LOL f**k outta here ! We sucker free.” 50 added.

50 Cent’s defense of Eminem on Instagram is in response to Melle Mel’s recent interview with The Art of Dialogue on YouTube.

In the interview, Melle Mel made comments that downplayed Eminem’s status in the rap game and his No. 5 ranking on Billboard and Vibe’s list, in particular.

“Obviously, he’s a capable rapper,” Mel acknowledged. “If you talking about sales, he sold more than everybody. If you talking about rhyme styles, OK, he got rhyme style. But he’s White. So, if Eminem was just another n***a like all the rest of us, would he be top five on that list where a n***a that can rhyme just as good as him is [No.] 35? That had records and all that. He’s 35.”

He continued, “And anybody could be as mad… They could feel how they wanna feel. If you don’t think that race plays a part in the equation of how great he is — I heard one of the dudes that’s down with him, Royce Da 6’9″ [Royce Da 5’9″] or one of those – I heard he’s just as good as Eminem. Why he ain’t as big as Eminem? Because he’s Black. Ain’t none of that sh*t hard to figure out. Eminem gets a top spot because he’s white.”

In addition to his comments about Eminem’s ranking, Melle Mel also stated in his interview that if he were White, he would be considered greater than Elvis Presley due to his contributions to hip-hop culture.

As of yet, Melle Mel has not responded to 50 Cent’s defense of Eminem on Instagram.

Who is Melle Mel?

Melle Mel (real name Melvin Glover) is an American rapper and songwriter, who is best known for being the lead vocalist and songwriter for the pioneering hip-hop group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. He was born on May 15, 1961, in The Bronx, New York City, USA.

Melle Mel is considered to be one of the most influential rappers in the history of hip-hop. He is known for his socially conscious and politically charged lyrics, and for his dynamic and powerful delivery style. Some of his most well-known songs with Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five include “The Message,” “White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It),” and “New York, New York.”

Melle Mel has also had a successful solo career, releasing several albums, and collaborating with other artists in the hip-hop and music industry. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and his contributions to hip-hop culture have been widely recognized and celebrated.

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