Abena KorKor Swears To Sue facebook Boy For This reason [See Details]

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Outspoken media personality, Abena Korkor is in the news again. Well, this time, it is to threaten a Facebook boy.

The Facebook boy is none other than “Appiah Phonez”. He is known for sleeping with several girls and posting their pictures on Facebook.

Recently, Appiah Phonez claimed that he had his way with TV personality Abena Korkor intimately.

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And more to point, he threatened her that she should return the 30,000 Ghc and Infinix phone he gave her or else he is going to release their intimate pictures.

Abena Korkor, upon hearing this also reciprocated the threat, saying that she is going to sue him in court for such defamation and lies.

Watch the full YouTube video below:


Appiah Phonez is a facebook guy who claims to sleep with several ladies in Facebook groups with just 500 Ghc and an Infinix phone.

To buttress his claims, he posts pictures of such ladies on Facebook for each and everyone to see.


So guys, what are your thoughts on “Abena KorKor Swears To Sue Facebook Boy?

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