Abortion Nti! Hairdresser & Electrician Face GH¢4,800 Fines in Assin Fosu Court

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In a shocking case at the Assin Fosu Magistrate Court, a 40-year-old hairdresser named Charlotte Asiedu and a 21-year-old auto electrician named Tetteh have been sentenced to a fine of GH¢4,800 each.

Their charges stem from inducing a 17-year-old girl to commit an illegal ab0rtion.

The victim, a Senior High School form three student, discovered she was 17 weeks pregnant during her school vacation.

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Fearing the consequences, she confided in Tetteh, her boyfriend, who advised her to inform her mother. However, overcome by fear, she refused to do so.

Desperate for a solution, the girl requested GH¢200 from Tetteh to purchase drugs from a pharmacy. However, their attempt was thwarted as the pharmacist declined to sell the medicines due to the advanced stage of the pregnancy.

In a distressing turn of events, Tetteh shared their predicament with a friend who recommended Charlotte Asiedu. Asiedu accepted the offer and prepared a concoction worth GH¢200 for the couple.

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Shortly after ingesting the concoction, the victim began experiencing severe stomach pains. She was rushed to the St Francis Xavier Hospital in Assin Fosu, where an examination revealed that the fetus had died, leading to forced labor.

Following this tragic incident, an official complaint was lodged by Victoria Arthur, the victim’s mother, leading to the arrest and subsequent charges against Asiedu and Tetteh.

The Assin Fosu Magistrate Court, presided over by Mr Abdul Majid Iliasu, heard the guilty pleas of both individuals. As a result, they were each fined GH¢4,800 for their involvement in the illegal ab0rtion.

A medical report obtained by the Ghana News Agency indicates that the victim’s education has been disrupted, and she now requires two major surgeries for survival.

This distressing case highlights the severe consequences of illegal ab0rtion practices and the importance of education and awareness regarding safe reproductive health choices.

The court’s decision serves as a stern reminder of the legal repercussions for those involved in such activities.

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