Actress Mia Goth Faces $500K Lawsuit For Alleged On-Set Assault Display a web interstitial ad

Actress Mia Goth Faces $500K Lawsuit for Alleged On-Set Assault

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Actress Mia Goth, renowned for her roles in films such as “X” and “Pearl,” is now at the center of a $500,000 lawsuit filed by a background extra from her upcoming film series.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, both Mia Goth, director Ti West, and film production company A24 are named defendants in the legal action, accused of an on-set incident involving the alleged intentional kicking of an extra’s head.

The incident reportedly took place during a late-night shoot last year.

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The background actor, who had been covered in fake blood from head to toe while wearing a robe, was required to lay down in the dirt and play dead for an extended period.

Actress Mia Goth Faces $500K Lawsuit for Alleged On-Set Assault

The scene involved Mia Goth running past the actor, stepping over him, and glancing at him before continuing with the scene.

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However, the actor claims that after several takes, Mia “nearly stepped” on him, despite warnings to be cautious.

Subsequently, he alleges that Mia intentionally kicked him in the head with her boot during the next take, causing serious pain and neck stiffness. Medical professionals later diagnosed him with a concussion.

The actor further contends that no medical assistance was provided on set. Instead, Mia allegedly confronted him in the bathroom, where she purportedly “taunted, mocked, and belittled” him, challenging him to take action regarding the incident.

Additionally, the actor claims that removing the blood-stained robe caused further pain, leading to headaches during the drive home.

He even states that he “nearly passed out twice” during the journey.

Actress Mia Goth Faces $500K Lawsuit for Alleged On-Set Assault

Following the incident, the actor asserts that he was removed from the production, leading to a lawsuit seeking at least $500,000 in damages for battery and wrongful termination, along with punitive measures.

The legal battle unfolds against the backdrop of the entertainment industry, shedding light on the responsibilities and potential consequences actors and filmmakers face when it comes to on-set safety and professionalism.

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