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An Online Prayer Meeting for Religious People Around the World to End COVID-19

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Amid the corona crisis, which causes about 500,000 confirmed cases and 8,000 deaths a day worldwide, a
A korean-based religious organization called Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the
Testimony (hereinafter referred to as Shincheonji Church) hosted an online prayer meeting, “3rd Global Prayer
Service of Religious People” on November 15th.

Broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of Shincheonji Church, the prayer meeting was organized to
pray for not only the patients and their families in sufferings but also the government, medical staff, and
volunteers fighting to overcome COVID-19. Along with 200,000 domestic and foreign members of Shincheonji
Church, about 56,000 people around the world wishing to defeat this pandemic joined the prayer meeting at the
same time.

Religious leaders from all over the world added their aspirations for the end of COVID-19 in the online prayer
meeting. Their words carried the weight and sincerity as they have continued to work with Chairman Man Hee
Lee, a representative of an international peace NGO called HWPL.

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Chairman Lee, as a war veteran, has practiced peace activities based on the love for humanity toward many
victims of war and the words of Jesus, “glory in heaven and peace on earth,” as a believer. He suggested an
online prayer meeting because “as the world is suffering from COVID-19, religious people around the world
need to pray together to end this disaster.”

“Too many people are suffering from COVID-19. In particular, many were infected within our church last
February. Both the church members and citizens suffered a lot. We must actively step forward and pray to God
for the extinction of COVID-19 in the globe and for the nation and the people,” he said.

352 religious leaders from Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, and Hinduism, representing 73 countries participated in
the prayer meeting with one heart transcending religions and denominations. They shared the need of
overcoming the crisis by taking the lead in resolving a disaster as religious leaders.

Dr. Anak Agung Diatmika, Secretary for International Relationship of PHDI Jakarta, said, “Genuinely from the
inner of our heart consider as WE ARE ONE. We should continue our prayer till the end of the COVID-19
pandemic from the earth and continue our synergy among world religious leaders to keep the world, at peace,
harmony, justice, and prosperity. I am so happy I can join this that truly brings world peace and harmony.”

Following this prayer meeting, about 4,000 recovered patients from COVID-19 who are also Shincheonji
Church members will donate blood plasma to develop convalescent plasma treatments. Shincheonji Church has
already conducted two large-scale plasma donation of 1,700 church members last July and September, and
among them, 312 recovered patients donated twice.

Regarding the large-scale blood plasma donation, Rt. Hon. Hrant Bagratyan, Former Prime Minister of
Armenia sent his congratulatory message;

“the action of those who decided to donate plasma at the request of
the government deserves praise. If a vaccine is developed through plasma donation, it would be helpful worldwide.”

A Shincheonji Church official said, “We have been conducting online service since February 18th, and praying
at each worship service for the end of COVID-19, the safety of the quarantine authorities and medical staff, and
the recovery of the patients. We will do everything we can with a responsible attitude until the end of the
COVID-19 crisis.”


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