Barcelona hit financially and ask players to prepare for more pay cuts

By Xorkpe Sosu 2 Min Read

Barcelona hit financial and ask players make more sacrifices for the club.

Barcelona has been going through financial difficulties like other clubs at the moment. they aren’t in the normal days when they can sign any player at any given day.


Barcelona have ask players to make sacrifice for the team, Pay Cuts have to made and its likely players will prepare themselves for cost cutting measures.

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Mateu Alemany, club’s director of football, spoke after the signing Eric Garcia’s presentation about the situation.
“Everyone at the club will have to make an effort to maintain its sustainability,” He said.

Its a difficult situation at the Camp Nou and very devastating, that the club’s new president has to apply for 500-million-euro loan from Goldman Sachs, 100 million euros of which will be paid to the club before the end of this month.
The club’s total losses for this season are around 300 million euros, bringing their total to about 1.2 billion.

Players already sacrificed last season to help the club and are going to continue to prepare themselves to do the same again next season due to financial hit.

Its difficult and worrying for one to be paying for others mistake they do whiles in Power. However, Some are Players are very upset about having to save the club from this situation that they have brought on themselves.

Barcelona couldn’t bounce back financially after being hit by Covid 19, Fans believes in the new President to bring back the team to its Glorious days as they compete for all trophies next Season.



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