Berks Concepts And Affiliates Introduces Ghana Music Month USA

Berks Concepts and Affiliates Introduces Ghana Music Month USA

By Philip NeeWhang 2 Min Read

Berks Concepts and Affiliates joyfully unveils the annual Ghana Music Month in the USA, celebrating the brilliance of Ghanaian music throughout March. Designated as the official Ghana Music Month in the United States, this musical journey promises an extraordinary experience for enthusiasts.

Themed “BACK TO 1957” – “HIGHLIFE MEETS HIPLIFE,” the event seamlessly harmonizes traditional and contemporary beats, encapsulating the spirit of Ghana Music Month. From the captivating rhythms of traditional tunes to the dynamic energy of live performances, this grand celebration showcases the rich musical tapestry of Ghana.

This collaborative initiative perfectly aligns with Ghana’s Independence Celebrations and underscores the unity of various Ghanaian event organizers, DJs, artists, stakeholders, and investors in the USA. The stellar lineup features prominent names such as Berks Concepts, Benjamin Benjaminz, Jagonzy Tv, K Nyame Ent., Noamesco, Brainy Beatz, 360 Entertainment, Vibrant Tunez, and more.

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Embark on a musical journey where highlife meets hiplife, as these industry luminaries join forces to create an immersive experience. Tickets and comprehensive tour information are available at

For sponsorships and investments, reach out to +4046437220.

Ghana Music Month

Join the vibrant chorus of #ghanamusicmonthusa and delve into the enchanting realm where highlife and hiplife converge, resonating with tradition, culture, and the pride of Ghana. It’s more than an event; it’s a musical celebration that transcends borders and captivates hearts.

In conclusion, as anticipation builds, the call to patrons is clear. This is more than just an event; it’s a cultural journey that transcends boundaries, celebrating the essence of Ghana’s rich musical heritage. Be prepared to be enchanted, inspired, and immersed in the magic of highlife and hiplife. Secure your tickets now and join the chorus of #ghanamusicmonthusa for a memorable and unmissable musical adventure.

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