Big Mouth Doesn’t Necessarily Imply Sense: Netizen Fires Afia Schwar

By Riddy10 2 Min Read
Afia Schwarzeneggar

Adiepena Mirekua-Akwaa, a social media user, has fired controversial comedian Afia Schwarzenegger because of a recent remark she made regarding the Agric minister, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto.

Afia Schwarzenegger recently attacked Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, the minister of agriculture, calling him a failure and attributing her outburst to the nation’s high food prices.

“You people should know me by now. I, Afia Schwarzenegger, my conscience is not for sale. You can give me the whole world but once you are stupid, you will continue to be stupid. You will forever remain a thief. Once you are underperforming, I will voice it out,” she stated.

However, it appears that several social media users disagree with Afia Schwar’s tirades. Afia Schwar has been educated by the young woman, Adiepena, on the causes of inflation in Ghana and certain economic issues that affect the rise in food costs.

The young lady advised Afia Schwar to thoroughly examine how food is carried from most rural to the city. She attributed the increase in food prices to market women.

The young lady claimed that most market ladies knowingly raise food costs for their own personal gain. Adiepena further stated that Afia Schwar had no authority to place the responsibility for the market’s exorbitant prices on the Agriculture Minister Dr. Afriye Akoto.

“You feel no one has the right to talk about you but because you have a big mouth you think you have the right to pick on anyone at any time. Having a big mouth doesn’t mean you are sensible. Before you come out to lay blame, there’s something called research. Sit and do research and know your facts before coming out to pick on the Agric minister”, 

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