Blinken Reiterates Pledge That US Will Assist Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure

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As Ukraine prepares for a challenging winter of Russian strikes, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed his commitment on Tuesday to “work relentlessly with the G7 and other partners to repair, replace, and defend Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.”

But there will be obstacles in the way of that attempt.

As part of a multimillion-dollar vow by the Biden administration to strengthen Ukraine’s electrical grid, the first shipment of US electrical equipment, which a US official told CNN comprised large items like circuit breakers, relays, and disconnectors, landed in Ukraine more than a week ago.

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However, the US official added that as the US and its allies strive to try and give Kyiv with the supplies it needs to keep the electricity and heat on this winter, they have had to deal with global supply chain challenges.

The official stated that there is a global effort to address this, and the US is collaborating with the private sector to attempt to close the equipment gap.

However, due to the current supply chain challenges, there isn’t much extra supply.

Blinken Reiterates Pledge That US Will Assist Ukraine's Energy Infrastructure

Other Challenges

According to the official, several of the “larger ticket” things utilized in the United States are incompatible in Ukraine since they are made to operate on separate frequency grids.

In order to prevent the destruction of the equipment supplied by the US and its partners, the US is hoping that the installation of air defense systems would help counter the barrage of Russian attacks on Ukrainian critical infrastructure.

Furthermore, the official stated that because there are so many more areas the system may go down than if they were to strike a power plant, the Russians have made defense and recovery of the grid considerably more difficult.

To that effect, the US is currently looking for equipment that the Ukrainians have prioritized, including huge gas generators.

According to the US source, these generators wouldn’t be used to power specific residences, but rather to keep essential services like water and heat running even if the electricity goes out.

According to the source, even when the electrical grid is fixed, it cannot be immediately operated at full capacity due to the risk of a blowout.

As a result, rolling blackouts will likely need to continue until Ukrainian officials are certain that the patched electrical grid can support itself.


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