Veteran Singer, Bobby Caldwell Dead At 71

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Veteran American singer and songwriter, Bobby Caldwell, has been confirmed dead.

Bobby Caldwell Dead: He died on Tuesday, March 14, 2021, at the age 71.

The news of the legendary singer’s death was made public by a statement released by his wife, Mary on Booby’s verified Twitter account

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The statement reads: “Bobby passed away here at home. I held him tight in my arms as he left us. I am forever heartbroken. Thanks to all of you for your many prayers over the years. He had been “FLOXED,” it took his health over the last 6 years and 2 months. Rest with God, my Love. – Mary Caldwell.”

Bobby was born on August 15, 1951, in Manhattan, a city located in New York City, United States of America. He however grew up in Miami where he got exposed to a variety of music such as Haitian, Latin, reggae and R&B growing up.

He released several albums spanning R&B, soul, jazz, and adult contemporary. He is known for his soulful and versatile vocals.

Caldwell released the hit single and his signature song “What You Won’t Do for Love” from his double platinum debut album Bobby Caldwell in 1978. After several R&B and smooth jazz albums, Caldwell turned to singing standards from the Great American Songbook.

He wrote many songs for other artists, including the Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single “The Next Time I Fall” for Amy Grant and Peter Cetera. Caldwell’s music is frequently sampled by hip hop and R&B artists.

Bobby Caldwell Cause Of Death

Per our understanding, the official cause of death has not yet been revealed, but Caldwell’s wife, Mary disclosed that he died of Fluoroquinolone toxicity, an antibiotic he’d been prescribed in 2017 that wreaked “havoc” on his body.”

“He was prescribed that with a runny nose and cough and it never should have happened but it did and it’s irreversible if you get hit real bad like he did,” she said. “It just wreaks havoc.”

Bobby Caldwell Children and Wife

The veteran musician was survived by a wife, Mary Caldwell, and man, twin daughters called Lauren and Tessa Caldwell, they were born to one of his former partners identified as Rina in 1993.

Caldwell’s ability to tap into multiple genres, including jazz and R&B, has given his catalog longevity. His song “What You Won’t Do for Love” was sampled by Boyz II Men in 1997 for their song “To the Limit,” almost 20 years after the hit was first released.

Rapper Biggie Smalls also sampled Caldwell in the 1990s, using “My Flame” in his hit “Sky’s the Limit,” which was later used in a biopic about Small’s life and career.

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