Carlo Ancelotti says “I want to stay at Real Madrid”

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Carlo Ancelotti, the current coach of Real Madrid has made his plans very clear, Although there is a lot of ongoing discussion by fans, journalists, and experts regarding his future.

There is a possibility that he may depart from the club at the end of the season, given the availability of several attractive job opportunities and numerous other high-profile coaches on the market.

“I want to stay at Real Madrid. I’m happy. I have said many times that I would stay at Real Madrid for the rest of my life,” Ancelotti assures.

Despite various individuals, including players from the Brazilian national team and the president of CBF, expressing their interest, nothing has changed regarding Carlo Ancelotti’s plans.


Despite inquiries from those who have approached him, Ancelotti has not committed to coaching the Brazilian national team.

Likewise, the directors of Real Madrid have not made any definitive decisions about their coaching staff beyond the existing contract, which binds Ancelotti to the club until June 30, 2024.

It is publicly known that Brazil is interested in Ancelotti, which has been conveyed to him through Kaka, as acknowledged by Ednaldo Rodrigues, the president of CBF.


The CBF is now willing to wait for Real Madrid’s decision regarding their coaching staff, which presents an ideal scenario for Ancelotti.

He has expressed a desire to stay with Real Madrid, but if he were to leave, coaching the five-time world champions would be an idyllic destination.

As the season progresses, Ancelotti is participating in all meetings related to Real Madrid’s future, but he has not made any requests for major changes to be made in his position.

He is not interested in pressuring the club to shape the remaining year of his contract.



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