Cheapest Universities In Africa For International Students 

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Africa is an interesting country to study. It is home to 50 countries and is sub dividend into West, East, Central, South, and North Africa. These five regions are home to many prestigious educational establishments.

More so, aside the quality of education, studying in Africa can present you with the opportunity to be connected with different tribes and learn their languages as well. Additionally, Africa is one of the most visited for Safari exploration and if you love it, then studying here can open doors of fun exploration and cultural integration.

Nevertheless, there are several top universities in the continent that are well worth your penny and in this article, we’ll be taking a look at them.

Why Africa?

  1. Low Cost of Living: On the average, the cost of living in Africa is very low when compared to that of the Western world. Cost of goods and services including groceries, bills, internet and utilities are affordable.
  1. Safaris Experience: Many African countries are home to great Safaris. You might need to hire a tour guide as some cities or towns have laws concerning the exercise. Nevertheless, you’ll be amazed by the natural abundance and preservation of wildlife in this continent.
  1. Cheap Tuition For International Students

Africa is arguably the cheapest continent in the world for study. It is home to several programs, degrees, and certifications hence finding the course of your choice won’t be a problem. However, before applying for admission, do well to check the list of courses in that school. 

  1. Developing Economies 

While there are many advantages of a developed economy, a developing surely has the upper hand in terms of opportunities and room for innovation. A great majority of African economies are developing hence it is more easy to sell your idea and make proceeds.

  1. Diversified Languages and Cultures

Africa is home to thousands of cultures and languages. Hence, you can grab the opportunity to connect with locals – learn their language, history, and way of life. Integration is important in socialisation and this comes with a whole lot of psychological and health benefits as well.

  1. Vibrant Night Life

The entertainment industry in Africa is truly remarkable and if you’re the type that likes to sit out and enjoy during night, Africa is ideal for this. You can chill with the friendly locals at a bar, enjoy one of their grand wine, listen to their cool music and have the time of your life.


Low Tuition Fee Universities

While there are many low fee universities in Africa, this list only deals with ones highly-ranked. Let’s get started!

University of Cape Town

University of Cape Town is located in South Africa. This prestigious educational institution was established in 1929 and is one of the oldest both in the county and continent. 

The school is home to many international scholars – with 4,000 of them currently schooling here. University of Cape Town offers several Masters, Doctorate, Bachelor, and graduate programs. 

Here is the list of the school’s faculty:

  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Commerce
  • Built Environment
  • Law
  • Sciences 

Cairo University 

Cairo University, which was founded in 1908, is actually in Gaza, not Cairo, which is 20 kilometers to the south. This African university is ranked fifth, with 155,000 students enrolled. 7,000 of them are from other countries.

Witwatersrand University (Wits)

This institution is among the world’s top 400 universities. It has five campuses in Johannesburg, South Africa. Over 30,000 students attend, with 2,500 of them being international.

Commerce, Law, and Management, as well as Health Sciences, Engineering, and the Built Environment are just a few of the faculties.

American University Of Cairo

The American University of Cairo is a top university in Egypt that was founded in 1919.

The educational establishment enrolls 6,000 students in total. The English-based university boasts the country’s greatest and largest library. Bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate degrees in Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, Global Affairs, and Engineering, among other fields, are available.

Stellenbosch University

This institution is among the world’s top 400 universities. Stellenbosch University, which was founded in 1918, has a total student population of 30,000, with nearly 3000 international students. Studying here will expose you to a multinational environment of students across the world.

Students can take courses in the arts, social sciences, science, education, law, engineering, and other fields as undergraduates or postgraduates.


Africa is a truly a good destination to study. From low living cost to great cultural heritage, the continent offers something ideal to every visitor. 

If you plan on studying in Africa, there is need to know the best universities for international students. Don’t make an uninformed decision. Stick to the best. Go for the best. This post highlights the very best of higher educational estrangements in the country with high education quality.

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