Chiefs Of Teshie Warns Greater Accra Regional Minister

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In a momentous turn of events, the Chiefs and Traditional rulers of Teshie, an esteemed suburb nestled within the confines of Accra in the illustrious Greater Accra region, have recently emerged as formidable voices of caution.

Their stern warning, like a resounding clarion call, was directed towards none other than the revered Greater Accra Regional Minister, the honorable Henry Quartey, and the esteemed Registrar of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, Mr. Enoch Addo. These dignitaries were implored, in no uncertain terms, to refrain from interjecting themselves into the intricate tapestry of chieftaincy affairs that define the vibrant landscape of Teshie.


Amidst a gathering of notable magnitude, this fervent message was delivered during a meticulously orchestrated press conference on the auspicious date of Thursday, May 25, 2023, within the hallowed premises of Teshie. It served as a platform for the Chiefs and Traditional rulers to articulate their profound concerns surrounding an alleged endeavor, spearheaded by Hon. Henry Quartey, Mr. Enoch Addo, and certain members of the Teshie community, to erect an unsanctioned edifice known as the Traditional Council of Teshie.

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Under the unwavering guidance of the venerable Oblahia Mantse of Teshie Gbugblah, the esteemed Original Nii Martey Laryea I, the Chiefs and Traditional rulers left no room for ambiguity as they steadfastly emphasized the absence of an officially recognized Teshie Mantse.

Consequently, they resolutely condemned the Regional Minister and Registrar’s audacious pursuit to forge a Traditional Council, deeming it an affront to the prevailing laws and regulations that govern their cherished land. Their unified stance is poised to manifest itself as a formidable bastion of opposition.

Moreover, these esteemed individuals did not shy away from levying a grave accusation against Hon. Henry Quartey, asserting that his actions were deliberately engineered to sow the seeds of disharmony and unrest within the very heart of Teshie’s tranquil existence.

As guardians of peace and custodians of stability, they emphatically cautioned that should these endeavors persist unabated, the repercussions could reverberate in the form of unnecessary tension, ultimately plunging the serene environs of Teshie into a state of chaotic disarray.

Thus, the stage is set for a consequential clash of wills, as the Chiefs and Traditional rulers of Teshie, emboldened by their unwavering commitment to safeguard the sanctity of their heritage, face off against the tenacious endeavors of Hon. Henry Quartey and Mr. Enoch Addo.

It is within this crucible of uncertainty that the fate of Teshie’s chieftaincy affairs shall be decided, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of its storied history.

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