Curvy Women Cause WAHALA At Friend’s Wedding (VIDEO)

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Curvy Women Cause WAHALA At Friend’s Wedding

On the internet, a video of some curvy wedding guests showing off their dancing prowess during their friend’s wedding has gained popularity.

A blue-clad woman and her equally endowed buddy, who was wearing a black outfit, were seen dancing and twisting their waists in the viral video as other wedding guests danced at the reception.

In response to the film, some viewers complained that the videographer should have focused on the couple instead of the curvaceous women.

Watch The Video Below:

Some reactions to the viral video are:

Jeremie reacted: “This is so beautiful to watch but why cameraman lose focus na. The wedding na vibe.”

Sarah678 added: “Omo their backside no be here. If I get this kind friend, she no go see my man.”

Xtreir said: “Imagine the bride watching this and she no see herself for her own wedding video.”

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Meanwhile, in other news, no man with good intentions will settle down with women who have colored hair, according to a Nigerian doctor who goes under the Twitter handle Doctor Penkings.

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