Thursday, August 5, 2021

    eii! so D-Black drop song noor sextape too drop, could this be the reason?

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    Rapper D-Black is in the news again and this time around it is about an alleged sextape involving him and a lady busily making love.

    Quick one guys, let me try take you on a history clas to those who have no clue of who mandem is,

    Born legally as Desmond Kwesi Blackmore but known popularly as D-Black in the showbiz circles is a multiple award winning Ghanaian hip-hop and Afrobeat musician and also a business mogul, abi you now sey money no be problem.

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    D-Black alleged Sextape: The rapper has been in the news lately following the Dr UN Award saga whereby himself and a host of other Ghanaian celebrities including rapper Sarkodie were awarded with fake awards.

    Yeah yeah! now i’m back, the rapper is currently making the trends on social media following an alleged Sekxtape, a video involving him hits online and people just can’t stop talking about it bashing him here and there.

    But this is very serious oo, could the male in the video really be D? or its just a look-alike anaa?

    The video saw the male in bed with a fine pretty lady busily in the act enjoying themselves, hmm! the source of the video is still not known though to learn how it popped up online. keep reading below.

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    This is D-Black |

    Could it be D-Black, Could it be that he deliberately leaked it or what?
    For me i will not really be suprised if it is the Vera hit maker as sighted in the video, why because i think if the man in there is him and he truely leaked the said video himself then it makes sense from my point of view. Read why below.

    D-Black alleged Sextape: I said so because yeah, it could be for the hype chaley! he just dropped a new song dubbed “NOTHING ON ME” featuring Nina Ricchie  off his yet to be released an 8-track album titled the ”Black & Whyte EP”, and could be using this as his way of getting his name in the trend as well as putting a shine on the EP so to get more individuals have a feel of it (patronizing it).

    I just feel that was not right though if truely he is the one, cos the “D” we know won’t have to stoop so low for such act just for the hypes, he is beyond that level.

    Well guys, stay glued to our site as i promise to keep you guys updated when i learn more of this developing trend currently causing stir.

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