Danish and Inter Milan footballer Christian Eriksen is likely to retire from football professionally after suffering cardiac arrest

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Danish and Inter Milan footballer Christian Eriksen is likely to retire from football professionally after suffering cardiac arrest in Saturdays game against Finland.

The midfielder collapsed on the pitch during his country’s Euro 2020 game against Finland and had to be resuscitated before being taken to hospital.

The match was eventually suspended due to the result of Eriksen’s situation, his teammates were all upset at what happened.

After a lengthy period of treatment last night, the Doctors did their best to bring him back and he was in stable condition

Christian Eriksen is undergoing further examinations at Rigs Hospitalet,” the Danish federation wrote on Twitter.
Danish football federation director Peter Moeller said Eriksen got a “heart massage” while being treated on the field.
“He fell over and got help and heart massage on the field,” Moeller told Danish public broadcaster DR. “He was fortunately awake when he left the stadium.”

Professor Sanjay Sharma is a professor of sports cardiology at St George’s University in London and worked with Eriksen during his time at Tottenham Hotspur.

He said: “Clearly something went terribly wrong.

“But they managed to get him back, the question is what happened? And why did it happen?

“This guy had normal tests all the way up to 2019 so how do you explain this cardiac arrest?”

UK football bodies were likely to be “very strict” about allowing Eriksen to play again, he added.

“His cardiac arrest has rocked the entire nation today and that’s what happens. It’s not just them that it affects, it’s the psyche of so many people.

The good news is he will live, the bad news is he was coming to the end of his career, so would he play another professional football game? That I can’t say.
In the UK he wouldn’t play. We’d be very strict about it.”
Prof Sharma chairs the FA’s expert cardiac consensus group and is a consultant for the charity Cardiac Risk In The Young.

He said the causes of Eriksen’s cardiac arrest could include an unidentified health condition or a high temperature, but reports that the footballer was awake in the hospital were “a very good sign”.
“The fact he’s stable and awake, his outlook is going to be very good,” he told the PA news agency.
“I don’t know whether he’ll ever play football again.

The incident has shocked the football world, with many high-profile figures expressing their support for Eriksen immediately.

His former club Tottenham tweeted: “All of our thoughts are with Christian Eriksen and his family.”

Meanwhile, Gary Lineker, who was leading BBC One’s live coverage of the match, said: “Let’s hope that Christian pulls through, it is so distressing.”

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