Deaths after Russian drone strike on high school in Kyiv region

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According to the regional military administration, a Russian strike on a high school in the Kyiv region resulted in multiple casualties and injuries.

The attack, which was carried out by drones at night, caused a fire to break out and damaged a civilian site. However, no further details were provided by the military administration regarding the incident.

As per the State Emergency Service (DSNS), the strike led to the death of three people and injuries to two others, while one person was rescued. Moreover, four individuals were reportedly trapped under the rubble.

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The high school in Rjychtchiv, a town situated about 80 kilometers south of Kyiv, was allegedly the target of the attack. The DSNS stated that two floors of a residence for high school students, along with a study building, were partially destroyed.

Following the strike by Russian drones, a fire broke out at the site of the attack at around 7 a.m. local time, causing damage to over 300 square meters.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russia launched several Shahed (martyr) drones of Iranian origin on Ukraine overnight.

A total of 21 drones were reportedly launched from the Russian region of Bryansk, located to the north of Ukraine.

Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses shot down 16 of the drones, as stated by the country’s airforce on Telegram.

This deadly strike by Russia came just a day after Ukraine allegedly carried out a drone attack on Russian territory, according to Alexander Bogomaz, the head of the Russian region of Briansk.

Bogomaz claimed that the Ukrainian armed forces used a drone to attack the Novozybkov oil pumping station, which is owned by Transneft. However, the attack did not result in any casualties.

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