Barcelona eyes Manchester City’s Ilkay Gundogan for midfield reinforcement next season

By Xorkpe Sosu 3 Min Read

Barcelona has set their sights on Manchester City’s captain Ilkay Gundogan as their top priority to strengthen their midfield for the upcoming season.

With Gundogan’s contract set to expire on June 30th, the club’s technical department has been actively working on the transfer for several weeks now.

Discussions between Barcelona and Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan are progressing well, with only a few key issues remaining to be resolved.

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As Gundogan is available on a free transfer, Barcelona are legally permitted to negotiate with him.

While no formal offer has been made, the club has expressed interest in the player and has been discussing potential salary terms. The initial objective of the talks was to gauge Gundogan’s willingness to leave the Premier League and join Barcelona, and the response has been positive.

At 32 years old, the German midfielder is open to taking on a new challenge in LaLiga Santander, and Barcelona is confident that they have his approval for a potential transfer.

The possibility of Ilkay Gundogan joining Barcelona on a free transfer is not set in stone, as there are English clubs interested in the player as well.

Although they cannot speak to him yet due to transfer rules, both the player and Barcelona are aware of this interest.

Gundogan is reportedly willing to wait until June, when domestic clubs can talk to him, before making a final decision.

His current salary is around 10 million euros per season, but there are English clubs that could offer more given his free transfer status.

While money is not believed to be the main factor in his decision, it is still a consideration for both Gundogan and Barcelona.Manchester City will not renew the contract of midfielder Ilkay Gundogan.

The club has accepted that the player wants to seek new challenges and will not be staying at the Etihad Stadium beyond the expiration of his current contract.

As a result, no renewal offer will be put forward by the club.

The feasibility of the deal will depend on the offer that Barcelona can afford to make, which is still being worked on.

The club is currently finalizing a viability plan that they must present to LaLiga soon, and the amount of money they will have available to sign Gundogan will depend on how the plan ends.

Therefore, it remains to be seen whether the deal will come to fruition, as it will depend on several factors such as the salary offer, competition from other clubs, and the player’s final decision.

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