EF English Proficiency Index by Country

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The latest EF English Proficiency Index (EPI) analyzing skills in the English language at a national level has been published.

What Is EF English Proficiency Index?

The “EF English Proficiency Index” is an annual report that assesses and ranks countries based on their English language proficiency. The index is compiled and published by Education First (EF), an international education company that specializes in language training and cultural exchange programs.

The EF English Proficiency Index aims to provide insights into the English language skills of adults in different countries around the world. It measures various aspects of English proficiency, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening, through a standardized test.

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The test is taken by a sample of adults in each country, and the results are then analyzed to determine the overall English proficiency of that country’s population.

The process of how the EF English Proficiency Index comes to a conclusion in selecting and ranking countries involves several steps including; Sample Selection, Test Administration, Scoring and Analysis, Ranking and Index Calculation, and Report and Findings.

Just so you understand, the ranking is for countries classified as non-native English speaking, and the latest released was published in November 2022, Check out the list ofrankings by countries below

Global Ranking of Countries

2022 RankCountry2022 Score
123px Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands661
223px Flag of Singapore.svg Singapore642
323px Flag of Austria.svg Austria628
421px Flag of Norway.svg Norway627
520px Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark625
623px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg Belgium620
723px Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden618
823px Flag of Finland.svg Finland615
923px Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal614
1023px Flag of Germany.svg Germany613
1123px Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia612
1223px Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa609
1323px Flag of Poland.svg Poland600
1423px Flag of Greece.svg Greece598
1523px Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia597
1623px Luxembourg596
1723px Flag of Romania.svg Romania595
1823px Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary590
1923px Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania589
2023px Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya582
2123px Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria581
2223px Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines578
2323px Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic575
2423px Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia574
2523px Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia571
2623px Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia570
2723px Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia567
2823px Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria564
2916px Flag of Switzerland %28Pantone%29.svg Switzerland563
3023px Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina562
3123px Flag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong561
3223px Flag of Italy.svg Italy548
3323px Flag of Spain.svg Spain545
3423px Flag of France.svg France541
3523px Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine539
3623px Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea537
3723px Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica536
3823px Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba535
3923px Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus533
4023px Flag of Russia.svg Russia530
4123px Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana529
4223px Flag of Moldova.svg Moldova528
4323px Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay526
4422px Bandera de Bolivia %28Estado%29.svg Bolivia525
4523px Flag of Chile.svg Chile524
4523px Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia524
4721px Flag of Albania.svg Albania523
4823px Flag of Honduras.svg Honduras522
4923px Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay521
5023px Flag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador519
5123px Flag of Peru.svg Peru517
5223px Flag of India.svg India516
5323px Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg Dominican Republic514
5423px Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon513
5523px Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda512
5623px Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia511
5723px Flag of Armenia.svg Armenia506
5822px Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil505
5823px Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala505
6023px Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam502
6123px Flag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua499
6223px Flag of the People%27s Republic of China.svg China498
6323px Flag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania496
6423px Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey495
6516px Flag of Nepal.svg   Nepal494
6623px Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh493
6723px Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela492
6823px Flag of Ethiopia.svg Ethiopia490
6923px Flag of Iran.svg Iran489
7023px Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan488
7123px Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka487
7223px Flag of Mongolia.svg Mongolia485
7323px Flag of Qatar.svg Qatar484
7421px Flag of Israel.svg Israel483
7523px Flag of Panama.svg Panama482
7623px Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco478
7723px Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia477
7823px Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria476
7823px Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates476
8023px Flag of Japan.svg Japan475
8123px Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia469
8223px Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador466
8323px Flag of Syria.svg Syria461
8423px Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait459
8523px Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt454
8623px Flag of Mozambique.svg Mozambique453
8723px Flag of the Taliban.svg Afghanistan450
8823px Mexico447
8923px Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan446
9023px Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan443
9123px Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan442
9223px Flag of Azerbaijan.svg Azerbaijan440
9323px Flag of Myanmar.svg Myanmar437
9423px Flag of Cambodia.svg Cambodia434
9523px Flag of Sudan.svg Sudan426
9623px Flag of Cameroon.svg Cameroon425
9723px Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand423
9823px Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti421
9923px Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan420
10023px Flag of Somalia.svg Somalia414
10123px Flag of Oman.svg Oman412
10223px Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia406
10323px Flag of Iraq.svg Iraq404
10423px Flag of C%C3%B4te d%27Ivoire.svg Ivory Coast403
10523px Flag of Angola.svg Angola402
10623px Flag of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan397
10723px Flag of Rwanda.svg Rwanda392
10823px Flag of Libya.svg Libya390
10923px Flag of Yemen.svg Yemen370
11020px Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg Democratic Republic of the Congo367
11123px Flag of Laos.svg Laos364
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