Elon Musk Faces Allegations of Illegal Drug Use: Executives Very Concerned

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In a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, concerns have emerged surrounding Elon Musk’s alleged use of illegal drugs, including ecstasy and cocaine.

Executives and board members from Musk’s companies, including Tesla and SpaceX, along with individuals close to the billionaire, are reportedly troubled by the potential impact of his drug use on his behavior and, consequently, on his businesses.

According to the sources cited by the Journal, these concerns extend beyond personal worries for Musk’s health, reaching into the potential consequences for his six enterprises.

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Elon Musk Faces Allegations of Illegal Drug Use:  Executives Very Concerned

Attorney Alex Spiro, representing Musk, countered the allegations, stating that the CEO undergoes regular and random drug testing at SpaceX and has never failed a test.

While Musk has publicly acknowledged his use of marijuana and discussed his prescription for ketamine, witnesses cited by the Journal claim that the entrepreneur has also used LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and psychedelic mushrooms at exclusive private parties worldwide, often shrouded in non-disclosure agreements and phone restrictions.


The report highlights specific instances, such as Musk allegedly taking multiple tabs of acid at a Los Angeles party in 2018, consuming magic mushrooms in Mexico in 2019, and using ketamine recreationally at a Miami house party in 2021.

Elon Musk Faces Allegations of Illegal Drug Use:  Executives Very Concerned

Notably, the Journal suggests that Musk has even taken drugs with current SpaceX and former Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson.

Concerns about Musk’s alleged drug consumption have reportedly led to frustration among some board members, with Linda Johnson Rice, a former Tesla director, choosing not to stand for re-election in 2019 due to concerns over Musk’s behavior.

As the controversy unfolds, the extent of Musk’s reported drug use raises questions about the potential health and business crises it could precipitate.

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