Eminem “Got Away” With Disses Because He’s White, Kurupt Says in response to Melle Mel

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During an interview with The Art of Dialogue, Kurupt stated that Eminem’s skin color has enabled him to get away with many things in his music career, including dissing fellow artists.

This was in response to Melle Mel’s recent controversial remarks, in which he claimed that Eminem is only regarded as a top rapper because of his whiteness.

Melle Mel made these statements after Eminem was ranked as the fifth greatest rapper of all time by Billboard, ahead of well-known names such as The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Wayne, and André 3000.

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Kurupt disagreed with Melle Mel’s opinion, stating that Eminem’s rapping abilities are indisputable, regardless of his race.

Kurupt responded to Melle Mel’s remarks by stating that they are just his personal opinion and not shared by everyone. He pointed out that Dr. Dre chose to work with Eminem because of his subject matter and rapping skills, and being a battle rapper makes him a legitimate part of the Hip Hop culture regardless of his skin color.

Kurupt acknowledged Melle Mel’s iconic status in Hip Hop and his perspective on the matter, but emphasized that for his generation, Eminem is a highly respected artist and his skin color is not a factor in his musical prowess.

“That’s his opinion. That’s not our opinion,” the “Who Ride Wit Us” rapper remarked. “The way Dr. Dre took Eminem subject matter-wise is one thing; the way Eminem rocked — he’s a battle rapper, so he’s Hip Hop, no matter what color he is. Dr. Dre took him in this way, so that has no bearing on his skill. His skills are renowned.” Still, he acknowledged that Mel is a legend in his own right.

He added: “But that’s Melle Mel’s feel on it. Melle Mel is an icon of Hip Hop … Remember, he’s the original Hip Hop so Melle Mel speaks from that standpoint. For my generation, hey, Eminem is our monster. His color is irrelevant.”

“He does have a point, Eminem being white,” he added. “He might have got away with a lot of things, like him talking about all these different artists and shit, you know what I’m saying? And not having no backlash to where he’s blackballed.

“But not from his skill. [Being] white had nothing to do with his skills. But he might have got away with a lot of things. Shit, we got away with a lot of things once we became successful! Once you’re successful, you can do whatever you fucking want, and the game accepts it because they make money off of what you’re doing, so they give you that pass.”

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