Emma Alberici: Who Are Her Parents?

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Anna and Franco Alberici are Emma Alberici’s parents.

She is an Australian journalist and television host.

Emma Alberici is best recognized for her work as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) chief economics correspondent, where she covered a wide range of business and economic problems.

Who Is Emma Alberici?

In the late 1990s, Alberici started her career as a journalist, working for several print and online media publications in Australia and internationally.


She started working for ABC as a radio reporter in 2001 before transitioning to television a few years later.

Alberici has reported on a variety of subjects for ABC as chief economics correspondent, including the global financial crisis, the mining boom in Australia, and the effects of technological progress on the economy.

She has also written about the contribution that women make to the economy and promoted workplace equality.


Alberici not only works as a journalist but also frequently speaks on business and economic topics at conferences and events.

She is renowned for her lucid reporting style, which enables her to communicate complicated economic ideas to a wide audience.

Alberici has maintained her reputation as a respected and significant person in Australian journalism and economics despite occasional backlash and controversy.

Numerous honors, such as the Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism and the Quill Award for Best TV News Report, have been given to her for her work.


Who Are Emma Alberici’s Parents?

Franco and Anna Alberici welcomed Emma into the world on February 3rd, 1970.

Her parents are immigrants from Italy who came to Australia in 1955.

Alberici attended Our Lady of Mercy College in Heidelberg before moving in with her parents, who relocated to Melbourne.

Emma Alberici’s Awards and Nominations

Throughout her career as a journalist and television host, Emma Alberici has won various awards.

The coveted Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism and the Quill Award for Best TV News Report have both been given to her.

Alberici has also received nominations for various honors, such as the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Television News Report and the Logie Award for Most Outstanding News Coverage.

Alberici’s commitment to excellent journalism and her influence on the field is reflected in these nominations and awards.


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