Chelsea tried everything possible for Essien to play 2010 World Cup – Frank Arnesen

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Former Chelsea sporting director Frank Arnesen has revealed that the club did everything possible to ensure Ghanaian midfielder Michael Essien would be fit in time to play in the 2010 World Cup.

Essien had suffered a knee injury during Ghana’s opening match of the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations against Ivory Coast.

The injury was severe enough to cause concern for Chelsea, who immediately took Essien to Paris for further medical tests.

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Arnesen explained in an exclusive interview with 3Sports that Chelsea’s doctors advised Essien not to play in the AFCON because it would be too demanding on his injured knee. They recommended that Essien should rest instead.

However, with the World Cup only a few months away, Chelsea was eager to get Essien fit in time for the tournament.

The club’s medical team put the midfielder on a special recovery program and carefully managed his game time, but unfortunately, he was unable to make it in time for the competition.

Arnesen revealed that he had explained the situation to the Ghana Football Association president, and everyone agreed that it was not worth risking Essien’s health for the AFCON, and that they would focus on getting him ready for the World Cup instead.

Chelsea tried everything possible for Essien to play 2010 World Cup – Frank Arnesen

Ghana ended up reaching the quarter-finals of the World Cup without Essien, which was an impressive feat considering his absence.

However, it was undoubtedly a disappointment for the player himself, who had been looking forward to representing his country at the tournament.

Despite missing out on the World Cup, Essien went on to achieve great success with Chelsea.

He won the UEFA Champions League with the club a couple of years later, cementing his place as one of the club’s all-time greats.

In conclusion, Frank Arnesen’s revelations highlight the lengths that Chelsea went to in order to try and get Michael Essien fit for the 2010 World Cup.

Although they were ultimately unsuccessful, it shows the club’s commitment to their players and their desire to see them succeed at the highest level.

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