Even Married Christians Should Forego S3x During The 40 Days of Lent – Anglican Priest

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

All Souls Anglican Church pastor, Rev Father Amos Asiedu has called on married Christians to abstain from sexual activity during the 40-day period of Lent.

In a recent statement, he stressed the importance of focusing on the significance of Easter and getting closer to God, rather than bodily pleasures like sex.

While he acknowledged that it is not a sin for married couples to have sex during Lent, Rev Asiedu emphasized the need for Christians to stay away from sex and its related pleasures during this period.

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He also advised that couples should communicate with each other and seek permission before embarking on the fast.

Rev Asiedu further explained that indulging in sexual activity during Lent weakens one’s spirit with God, as it distracts from the purpose of the season.

He cited the example of Jesus, who went away into the wilderness to fast and pray without any distractions.


The period of Lent is a time when Christians around the world fast and give up certain luxuries as a form of spiritual discipline.

It is a time to reflect on one’s relationship with God and repent for sins. Abstaining from sexual activity during this period is seen as a way of focusing on the spiritual aspect of the season.

While Rev Asiedu’s call may not be widely accepted by all Christians, it highlights the importance of spiritual discipline and devotion during Lent.

It also raises the question of how married couples can navigate the balance between physical and spiritual intimacy during this period.

Ultimately, each individual and couple must decide for themselves how they will observe Lent and what sacrifices they will make.

Whether or not they choose to abstain from sex, the focus should always be on getting closer to God and deepening one’s faith.

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