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Exploring What Makes FOX Shocks Special for Your Car

By Stermy 4 Min Read

Certain auto parts manufacturers have earned a solid and trusted reputation. These companies consistently produce stellar components that combine advanced technology, innovation and durability. Their brand is synonymous with quality which results in a high level of customer satisfaction. This is the case when you select a FOX shock absorber for a replacement or an upgrade on your vehicle.  

Cutting-Edge Suspension Technology

With FOX performance shocks you can expect race-proven damping control for a comfortable ride even in off-road conditions. Features such as an external reservoir system will release heat while precision machining of aluminum components will ensure durability under tough conditions. In most cases, the equipment will be calibrated to work best for specific vehicles, adding a higher level of enhancement. As an improvement over standard equipment, FOX shocks have many advantages:

  • Impressive durability
  • Increased safety
  • Improved handling
  • Enhanced braking control
  • Increased customer satisfaction

At Partshawk, you can shop a massive selection of FOX brand shock absorbers. With nearly 400 options, you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle as you make your ride safer and more comfortable. You will also get fast shipping to your home and payment options that make sense for your budget. All of this makes upgrading your suspension system convenient and affordable.

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The more you explore the features of off-road shock absorbers by FOX, the more you understand why this brand has gained respect in the past three decades. Even after a couple of years of solid use, you can service these shocks to get more life out of them. This means rebuilding with new internal components and putting in a fresh nitrogen gas charge to bring the shocks back to new. No matter your level of off-roading, FOX shocks deliver customer satisfaction to truck and SUV owners across the nation. 

Smooth and Predictable Performance

The best shocks and suspension upgrades add a heightened level of predictability to your ride. Even when you take the road less traveled with its ruts and roots and rocks, you can expect a relatively smooth ride that minimizes sudden jerks and severe drops in the suspension. This keeps you on the right path and makes for a more controlled adventure.

By selecting suspension components engineered for your make and model, you get customized solutions that improve performance. Part number 985-26-109 is designed for use on certain models of Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Comanche, Jeep TJ and Jeep Wrangler. This front suspension shock absorber has abundant features for the off-road enthusiast:

  • 100% serviceable and tuneable for a long life
  • Durable body made of zinc-plated seamless alloy
  • Calibrated for vehicle-specific application
  • Teflon-lined heat-treated spherical bearings
  • Black anodized CNC  machined aluminum components

Whether you are looking for suspension parts to take you to the next level or you need quality engine parts, it helps to shop at a place that stocks millions of auto parts. You will find what you want and you will always get a good price. Shop online today and get super-fast delivery that eliminates the hassle of waiting.

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