Five Tips to build Personalised Engagement with your Customers

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, where ecommerce is gaining traction, consumers expect online experiences to be faster, simpler, and more intuitive. A recent study by Klarna revealed that 57% of Gen Z and Millennials desire an even greater degree of personalization in their shopping encounters.

In a competitive digital marketplace, personalized customer experiences can significantly differentiate businesses and foster stronger connections with their clientele, setting them apart from competitors.

For small business owners, personalization offers a unique advantage. With greater flexibility, they can better understand their customers’ preferences and tailor digital interactions accordingly. By actively listening to customers and adapting based on their feedback, small businesses can not only meet but exceed expectations, leaving a positive impression and laying the groundwork for future growth.

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Mastering personalization is crucial as it ensures that audiences only receive content relevant to their interests, thereby enhancing the customer experience for both parties. Personalization transcends mere sales tactics; it enriches the overall shopping journey.

While personalization can start with something as basic as addressing customers by name in emails, there are numerous ways to customize content for your audience. Here are some strategies to maintain customer engagement through enhanced personalization.

  • Ask your customers directly

Engage with customers directly through feedback mechanisms, to help foster a sense of involvement and engagement with the business, as well as helping to ensure that their voices are heard. This could include, engaging with customers on social media channels, sharing feedback based on their comments and by including issues they said they care about in a blog article on how your business can provide solutions to issues they are raising.

  • Listen to your customers

    The growth of your business is directly related to customer satisfaction. Listen to your customers and pay attention to the needs of your target market. Identify their problems and pain points. How can your offerings act as a solution? Is it possible to develop new products to help solve these problems? Engage by listening to customer feedback and keep an eye on customer behaviour changes and audience interests. Small businesses can use empathy to build relationships with their customers which can lead to heightened loyalty.

    • Personalize your content

    Some ways to consider to personalize your content could include: greet the customer `by name in an email or on the home page of the website; show a list of suggested items that a customer might want to consider based on items they have purchased before; send email to customers sharing new updates to your business and your online presence; use email marketing to alert a customer when there is a special promotion or discount offer; use a personalized subject line in email communications; or remind a customer about an item they might have looked at but decided not to buy at that time. 

    By using personalization, a business can effectively break through the noise in the inbox and connect directly with a reader, whether they are just getting to know your brand or is already a loyal customer. Personalized email marketing consists of a targeted, subject-specific message sent to a relevant segment of your audience list.

    • Thank your customers

    It is important to thank your customers for their feedback and consequently show them how it is making an impact. One way to do so is to fold the sentiment into your marketing messages. For instance, saying “back by popular demand” can be a simple and effective way to communicate to customers that a business is listening and taking action.

    Small business owners can include gestures of thanks such as individual thank you notes which can help small business owners connect with their customers on a deeper level. Another way to say thank you is to share special offers and discounts for customers during holiday shopping periods, and other opportunities that seem natural for your business.

    • Look for inspiration

    And finally, if you see a business that is great at connecting with its customers online, learn from them, draw inspiration and then find ways to incorporate these learnings into your own, authentic strategies. Identify where your target audience is spending their time, including on social media channels. You can get inspiration from seeing what your audience is doing online and what your competitors are doing well.

    Our message to entrepreneurs is that a little bit of customer personalisation can take you far. By using personalization, you are effectively breaking through the noise in the inbox and connecting directly with your reader, whether they are just getting to know your brand or already a loyal customer. Think about what would help the customer and improve their experience. Then, design personalization strategies around those goals. Small businesses have the human touch that helps to connect us all.

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