Follow Adjetey Anang’s Example: Fred Amugi Advices Young Actors

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The young actors in the film industry, according to Fred Amugi, should take lessons from Adjetey Anang, a fellow actor, if they want to advance in their careers.

In a conversation with Graphic Showbiz, Fred Amugi revealed his admiration for actor Adjetey Anang and his expertise in the film business.


Below is His Full Advice

“I want to advise young actors to take their time, they must be prepared to learn and listen. I say it everywhere I go, someone like Pusher, he is a listener.

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When you act with him you don’t get bored, you don’t get tired because he knows what to do. Even if he doesn’t and you tell him, he just gets it on point.”

But others when you call them and tell them, you could have done it this way, it is as if you are talking to a non-living thing. If you want to stay in the industry, you must listen. I started in 1970 and I am still in here so I know what I am talking about. And my age group, many of them are not there anymore for whatever reason.

People forget that Opanin na obi ny3 bi da, to wit no one has been an adult before but everyone has been a child before so if you think I am too old to play roles now then you are getting it all wrong.

There is a saying that a home without the elderly is no home at all, and a home without children is also no home at all.

So all I am saying is that when it comes to age it cuts across so why would we look down on the elderly thinking their years are past and gone?

Acting is the only profession that hasn’t got an age limit because no matter your age there is a role for you.”


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