From “Ashawo” to Homeowner: Woman Proudly Shares Success Story After 7 Years in the Business

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

A young lady recently made headlines after celebrating her achievements in life, revealing how her life transformed after spending seven solid years in the prostitution business.

According to her, she joined the ‘ashawo’ business about seven years ago and has since built a mansion, bought a car for her dad, a shop for her mum, and sent her siblings to the best schools in Nigeria.

Despite the mixed reactions from social media users, it’s apparent that this young lady was determined to make the best of her situation and provide for her family.

While some may argue that her means of income is immoral and goes against societal norms, it’s important to note that she found a way to earn a living and provide for her family, which is commendable.

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However, it’s essential to recognize that prostitution is illegal in Nigeria and comes with several risks and dangers.

From exposure to s3xually transmitted infections to the possibility of physical and emotional abuse, engaging in prostitution can have devastating consequences.


After 7 years in ashawo business I have been able to buy a house and a car Lady brags

It’s crucial for individuals to explore legal and safer means of earning an income, especially for those who have the means and resources to do so.

The young lady’s achievements should serve as a wake-up call to society, highlighting the need to address the underlying factors that push individuals into the s3x trade.

The government should work towards providing more job opportunities, creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurship, and implementing policies that support economic growth.

Overall, the story of this young lady should inspire individuals to work hard towards achieving their goals and providing for their families.

However, it’s essential to note that there are legal and safer means of earning an income, and individuals should explore these options.

The government also has a role to play in addressing the underlying factors that push individuals into prostitution, providing opportunities for economic growth and development.


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