Gary Neville slams Todd Boehly, calls Chelsea flops ‘disgusting’

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Gary Neville has not held back in his criticism of Todd Boehly and the Chelsea players who were responsible for a pitiful performance in their 3-1 loss to Arsenal.

The defeat marked the sixth consecutive loss for the team in all competitions, and Neville described the team’s display as “disgusting.”

Neville expressed his sympathy for former England teammate Frank Lampard, the interim manager, but placed the blame solely on the players for their lackluster showing.

The former England defender didn’t mince words, calling their first-half performance a “shambles” and “pathetic.”


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The players who have represented their countries in the World Cup and who are worth a lot of money have let their pride and quality slip, according to Neville. Although the players displayed promise in their match against Liverpool, their performances since then have been a “disgrace.”

Gary Neville slams Todd Boehly: Neville was quick to absolve Lampard and his predecessor, Graham Potter, of any responsibility for the team’s abysmal run of form. Instead, he directed his ire at Boehly, the club’s owner, for meddling in football affairs.


Neville went on to criticize Boehly for mismanaging the club, describing it as “chaotic” and a “mess.” He chastised Boehly for interfering in footballing matters and urged him to allow the football department to manage the club, as they have done successfully for the past decade.

Martin Odegaard scored twice in Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Chelsea
Martin Odegaard scored twice in Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Chelsea

The former Manchester United defender also criticized the club’s recent strategy, which includes giving young players lengthy contracts and making frequent staff changes, including dismissing groundsmen, physios, sports scientists, directors, and managers.

Neville’s passionate condemnation of Boehly and Chelsea’s players provides a sobering assessment of the club’s current predicament.

Chelsea’s once-successful model for managing the club has been disrupted, and the team now appears to be in turmoil.


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