Ghanaian Artist Presents Portrait Drawing to Jordan Ayew

By Majesty 1 Min Read

Jordan Ayew of the Black Stars was surprised by a stunning pencil portrait in a video posted on TikTok by a Ghanaian artist. The gifted artist known as Dyan Art paid the football player a personal visit at the Black Stars camp to show him his work.

Many Ghanaians were drawn to Jordan Ayew’s portrait because of his seeming serious expression when he received it.

Instead of the anticipated grin or happy expressions, Ayew had a serious expression on his face, which made fans wonder why he was acting so solemnly.

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Supporters were quick to voice their opinions, with many asking why the football player had not at least smiled during the touching scene. 

While some suggested Ayew might have been preoccupied with his next games or other personal matters, others claimed he was a naturally reserved person.

Jordan Ayew sparks reactions

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