Ghanaian Rap Star EL Makes His Return With “Chop Life” (+AUDIO)

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Ghanaian rap star EL has made his return to the music scene with a new club banger titled “Chop Life.”

The song, which was released on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, marks his first single of the year.

In a breakdown video, EL noted that the predominantly Hiphop track lends itself to various West African dances, making it a feel-good and danceable song. He described it as having good energy and funny lyrics.

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EL, a multiple award-winner and celebrated record producer, produced the music for “Chop Life.”

He revealed that he was inspired by a vocal he found and built upon the beat to create the song. He recorded it in Philadelphia, the same place he recorded his last BAR mixtape.

Ghanaian Rap Star EL Makes His Return With "Chop Life"
Download new music ‘Chop Life’ by rapper E.L

Lyrically, EL stated that he was having fun and being very loose and dumb. The near-3-minute song is reminiscent of his previous club and radio hits like “Shelele,” “Obuu Mo,” and “Kaalu,” but it has a new energy and vibe.

EL admitted that he is not a good dancer but is excited to see what people come up with regarding dance challenges on social media. “Chop Life” was released by VO Nation in partnership with ONErpm and Skillions Global.

EL’s fans have been eagerly awaiting his return to the music scene, and “Chop Life” does not disappoint.

The song has already received positive reviews and is expected to be a hit in clubs and on the radio.

EL’s decision to release a danceable track as his first single of the year is a smart move. Africans love to dance, and “Chop Life” is sure to get people moving.

The song’s upbeat tempo, catchy lyrics, and EL’s signature sound make it a must-listen for fans of Ghanaian music.

Overall, EL’s return with “Chop Life” is a welcome one. The song is a testament to his talent as a producer and rapper and is sure to be a hit on the music charts.

Download Chop Life mp3 by EL: Listen to the Audio below:

E.L – Chop Life

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