Ghana’s economy would recover more quickly: Akufo Addo says

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Ghana's economy would recover more quickly: Akufo Addo Says

According to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, he has high hopes for a greater recovery of Ghana’s economy.

He asserted that his administration’s projects and strategies would bring the nation back to progress and prosperity despite the current economic problems that have put the country’s budget in jeopardy.

Speaking on Thursday, at the Founders’ Day Luncheon for senior people in Accra, the President expressed his confidence that Ghanaians’ positive outlook will assist to reverse the nation’s economic woes.

Since our country gained independence 65 years ago, we have bemoaned the fact that it hasn’t achieved its enormous potential and that other countries, particularly those in southeast Asia like Korea and Malaysia, have grown faster than us.

Ghana's economy would recover more quickly: Akufo Addo Says
President Akufo Addo

“Despite the many obstacles we have had to surmount, including prolonged periods of instability and military rule, fuelled by several coup d’états.”

I continue to be proud of the can-do spirit of the Ghanaian and our determination not to be backed down by events and allow the circumstances and challenges of today to shape our collective future,” he said.

In the short term, the administration is strengthening the economy, according to President Akufo-Addo, and one step is to ask the IMF for help.

“I’m convinced we’ll resuscitate and rebuild the economy and put our country back on a path of strong economic development like we had in the three years before the epidemic.

“This is a serious promise. “I’m enthusiastic about Ghana’s future,” he said.

Ghana's economy would recover more quickly: Akufo Addo Says
President Akufo Addo

Away from that, the president announced plans to honor Ghanaians who have achieved success in a variety of fields, particularly those who are battling COVID-19.

He announced that the recipients of the Presidential Award of Honour for Meritorious Service will be 19,752 Frontline and Associated Health Professionals.

32 Religious Organizations and Institutions, and 8 COVID-19 National Trust Fund Members.

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He also added that the “Order of the Volta Companion” will also be given to the inventor of the veronica bucket, 12 trustees of the Ghana COVID-19 private sector fund, and 16 members of the National COVID-19 task committee.

The Order of the Volta will also be awarded to 13 Ghanaians for their strategic and personal leadership.

Interestingly, the splendid medal will also be awarded to fifty-seven additional individuals from the health industry, Ghana Education Service, Local Government Service, and Security Services.


What are your thoughts about the President’s prediction about the economy?

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