Ghana's Failatu Abdul-Razak Kicks Off Her Guinness World Record Attempt For The Longest Cooking Marathon Display a web interstitial ad

Ghana’s Failatu Abdul-Razak kicks off her Guinness World Record attempt for the longest cooking marathon

By Majesty 3 Min Read
Faila Cookathon

In a gastronomic spectacle set to celebrate Ghanaian cuisine’s resilience, chef Failatu Abdul-Razak is daringly attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon.

Commencing at midnight at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale, Failatu’s culinary journey is slated to continue until at least January 5th. 

Facing formidable competition, including unofficial reports of Ugandan chef Mama D surpassing the current record, Failatu remains undeterred.

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Determined to secure the official record and surpass any unofficial claims, Failatu showcases her skills in a transparent glass kitchen at the Modern City Hotel’s forecourt, offering spectators a front-row seat to this epic culinary marathon.

First video from Ghanas Failatu Abdul Razaks attempt for Guinness World Record for longest cooking Marathon drops 1

The kitchen itself stands as a spectacle adorned with canned goods, an array of spices, and an impressive variety of utensils. An informative label detailing the record attempt adds an educational touch to this culinary showcase.

Leading up to the marathon, Failatu Abdul-Razak expressed gratitude for the support from Ghanaians and passionately called on her fellow citizens to rally behind her, aiming to make history and celebrate Ghana’s rich culinary heritage.

Her determination to secure the Guinness World Record is not just a personal ambition but a collective celebration. In a recent interview, Failatu remarked, “I believe in the power of our collective support. 

Ghanaians have always been known for their unity, and I am confident that with your encouragement, we can make history together.”

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The cooking marathon promises an exciting journey filled with aromatic spices, mouthwatering dishes, and undoubtedly a few surprises. As Failatu navigates the kitchen’s challenges, the entire nation anticipates the outcome, hopeful to witness a new record being set.

For those eager to witness the culinary spectacle in person, the Modern City Hotel welcomes all enthusiasts to join and support Failatu Abdul-Razak on her quest for culinary greatness.

As the days unfold, Tamale is poised to become the epicenter of a culinary revolution, and Ghanaians are encouraged to stand behind Faila in her pursuit of the coveted Guinness World Record.

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