FUNNY! Guy Gives Lady Only Ghc 71 Pesewas As Transport Fare For Not Allowing Him To ‘Touch Her’

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

A young Nigerian lady, identified only as Christina, has shared a story of how her friend was left stranded and humiliated after visiting a guy.

According to Christina, her friend had travelled to visit the guy for the first time after chatting for a while.

However, when she arrived, the guy asked her to get intimate with him, but she declined.

Throughout the night, the guy continued to make advances towards her, but the lady remained firm in her decision.


The next morning, the guy offered to drive her to the transport station, but before bidding her goodbye, he handed her an envelope with only 30 naira, which is equivalent to just 71 pesewas.

The lady was shocked and disappointed by the guy’s behavior. She tried calling him, but he had already switched off his phone.

According to Christina, the agreement was for the guy to handle the transport fare when the lady was going back home, but due to her refusal to succumb to his request for intimacy, he decided to give her a ridiculous sum.


This story has sparked outrage on social media, with many people expressing their disgust at the guy’s behavior.

Some have called for the guy to be publicly shamed for his actions, while others have urged women to be careful when travelling to meet someone they met online.

See how people reacted on social media:

This incident highlights the need for more education and awareness on sexual harassment and consent.

No one should be forced to engage in any form of sexual activity against their will, and it is important for both men and women to understand and respect each other’s boundaries.


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