Watch Now: Gyakie drops new music ‘Scar’ with Jbee

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Gyakie, a Ghanaian award-winning female singer, has released a new song titled ‘Scar’ featuring rapper Jbee.

The song, released on Sunday April 23, 2023, is a powerful love ballad that delves into the challenges that come with relationships, love, and heartbreaks.

Gyakie Scar ft Jbee: The lyrics of the song paint a vivid picture of a woman with a scar on her leg, seeking help and release from the pain caused by her lover. The pain is so deep that she feels trapped in a maze and in jail.

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She laments that she gave her all to the relationship, but her lover wasn’t doing the same, leading to misunderstandings and heartbreak.

Jbee, the rapper, also echoes similar sentiments, questioning whether his lover loves him for who he is or the fame and money that come with his success.

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He talks about how he fell in love with a Ghanaian woman but found no love in the crazy town he lived in. He expresses his frustrations, saying that his lover has done him wrong so many times that he’s losing count.

The chorus of the song repeats the lines “running around with a scar on my leg, who’s gonna help? I’m in pain. Release me from this hurt, you left me in jail, left me jail!!” which emphasize the pain and heartache the couple is going through.

The song’s bridge also touches on the issue of trust and honesty in relationships. Both artists ask the question “where do you draw the line?” and challenge their lovers to be clear and vocal about their intentions.

So Townflex will like to say, ‘Scar’ is a soulful love song that tackles the complexities of relationships and love. It speaks to the pain and heartbreak that often come with loving someone and the struggle to find a way out of the hurt. The song’s lyrics are relatable, and Gyakie and Jbee’s vocal delivery is emotive, capturing the raw emotions that come with heartbreak and longing.

Enjoy the song below by watch the official music video, and do not forget to share with friends.

Gyakie Scar ft Jbee

Gyakie & JBEE – SCAR (Official Music Video)

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