“I think we’ve been robbed of what was a 3-1 game.”Emma Hayes Decries ‘Robbed’ in 2-2 draw with Madrid

By Xorkpe Sosu 4 Min Read

Emma Hayes believed that her Chelsea team was unfairly denied a victory in the Women’s Champions League clash against Real Madrid.

She expressed frustration over two late and, in her view, “embarrassing” decisions during the contentious 2-2 draw.

The match saw Olga Carmona open the scoring for Real Madrid within the first 10 minutes, with Chelsea responding before halftime through Niamh Charles. Sam Kerr then gave Chelsea the lead with a powerful header 15 minutes from the end.

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However, the momentum shifted when, in a controversial turn of events, Real Madrid was granted a penalty by referee Frida Klarlund for a foul on Athenea del Castillo, even though the incident occurred outside the box.

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Hayes considered these decisions to be pivotal in the outcome of the match. Despite the Chelsea players’ appeals and the absence of VAR to intervene, Carmona confidently converted the penalty, leveling the scores.

Undeterred by this setback, Chelsea regrouped, with Lauren James hitting the crossbar. In a dramatic turn, they thought they had secured a last-minute victory when Niamh Charles volleyed home a deep cross, only to have the celebration cut short by the raised offside flag.

However, video replays quickly revealed that Charles had been onside, while her teammate Kerr was in an offside position.


Although Kerr made a run towards the ball, it appeared inconsequential enough to justify allowing the goal.

Emma Hayes, set to depart Chelsea at the season’s end to assume responsibilities with the US women’s team, expressed intense frustration with the officiating.

She criticized both the penalty decision and the offside call, emphasizing her dissatisfaction with the match’s crucial moments.

She said: “I could see from the bench that the tackle [for the penalty decision] was outside the box. So I’m absolutely shocked that those managing the game couldn’t see that.”

"I think we’ve been robbed of what was a 3-1 game."Emma Hayes Decries 'Robbed' in 2-2 draw with Madrid

“Of course maybe Jessie [Fleming] shouldn’t lunge in that area, but it happens clearly outside the box. At this level when you are in control of a game and important decisions like that go against you, it makes it difficult.”

“I thought we controlled the game after the first goal. Listen it was a deflection, poor to concede but not much you can do about it. Millie [Bright] goes out to block the shot and Ann [Berger] is left wrong-footed.”

“I thought we dominated the game. We went 2-1 up. Then there is the free-kick that was awarded as a penalty. Then we score a really legitimate goal with Niamh Charles three or four yards onside.”

“It is embarrassing. I had to check why it was disallowed; was it Niamh? No. Was it Sam [Kerr] interfering with the goalkeeper?”

“She was about seven yards away, no way near the keeper. I cannot understand the decision whatsoever. I think we’ve been robbed of what was a 3-1 game.”

Chelsea is set to play three consecutive home games before the upcoming international break. Their next match is scheduled for Saturday, where they will host Liverpool in the WSL at Stamford Bridge.

Following that, their second Champions League group fixture will take place on Thursday, November 23, as they welcome Paris FC. The busy period continues as they host Leicester on Sunday, November 26.

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