Hayford Allegedly Hospitalized Following A Failed Su1c1de Attempt And Multiple Assault By His Brother And Father

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Hayford, a well-known Snapchat personality who came out as gay, is said to have tried suicide after being beaten up by his family.

Hayford’s father and brother severely abused him after it was revealed in a widely shared video that he had slept with older women for cash.

According to the reports, Hayford received large sums of money in exchange for using his tongue to gratify older women in their private spaces.

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Well, things went awry when Hayford’s friend decided to expose him.

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Hayford had promised him 1500 cedis for the “job,” according to his friend. However, Hayford declined to pay him after he completed his share.

The young man chose to confront Hayford as a result, and Hayford agreed to give him 100 cedis in exchange.

Hayford chose to send him an extra 650 cedis, bringing the total to 750 cedis, in response to his constant complaints.

But because it was the amount agreed up for the “tafribomski” job, the young man took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to expose Hayford.

Anyway, after facing multiple attacks online and physically, Hayford tried to take his life but he was saved and has been rushed to the hospital.

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