HBO’s House of the Dragon Season 2 Will Have Fewer Episodes Than Season 1

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News on House Of Dragon Season 2, a Game Of Thrones prequel

For fans of HBO’s popular series Game Of Thrones who have been longing for updates as to what happens next, well, here we are, Townflex brings you the latest news you need to know about the ‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2.

It seems the dragons in the forthcoming season two of the Critics Choice Award-winning Game of Thrones prequel wont be having enough flying time and also to entertain fans as townflex understands that the season 2 will be having fewer episodes than that of season 1.

Season one of House Of The Dragons had ten episodes, but according to Deadline, who first reported the news confirms that the season 2 will be two episodes fewer than season 1 making it have 8 episodes.

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Initially, the season 2 which is about to begin shooting and will be premiering in 2024 was planned to have 10 episodes but plans changed following changed in leadership at HBO and also rewriting of movie script landed it to having shorter episodes.

According to HBO and HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys. “We’re just starting to put the plan together, and just like last time, there are so many unknowns,” Bloys said soon after the Season 1 finale aired in October 2022. “It’s not to be coy or secretive, but you don’t want to say it’s going to be ready on this date, and then you have to move it.”

He added: “Don’t expect it in 2023.”

House of the Dragon‘s first season ended with an episode that found Rhaenyra giving birth to a stillborn daughter, getting crowned queen and learning that her middle son, Lucerys, had been killed by Aemond Targaryen and his dragon.

Townflex also understands that there will be a season three of House Of The Dragon, and already as we speak, script is being prepared.

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