I Gave Them £20m But It Wasn’t Enough: Lady Who Won £148m Lottery Blasts Her ‘Greedy’ Family

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Gillian Bayford, the fortunate winner of a staggering £148 million Euromillions jackpot in 2012, has recently disclosed the heartbreaking story of how her newfound wealth led to the collapse of her once-close-knit family.

Residing in Suffolk, UK, with her then-husband Adrian Bayford, the windfall was initially meant to bring joy and prosperity.

Despite generously sharing £20 million with family members over the following years, a rift gradually emerged, shattering the Bayford family’s unity.

Gillian’s parents, who were initially living in a caravan and burdened with £700,000 in debt, were recipients of her generosity.

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I gave them £20m but it wasn’t enough: Lady who won £148m lottery Blasts her ‘greedy’ family

She paid off their debts and enabled them to purchase an apartment in Carnoustie on Scotland’s east coast.

However, as the attention from the press intensified, Gillian’s relationship with her parents soured.

They stopped communicating with her, disowning her due to the embarrassment caused by the media attention.

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In a heartbreaking revelation, Gillian shared that she missed her brother’s wedding invitation and eventually remarried—a decision that drew criticism as her new husband, Brian Deans, was a convicted conman who had stolen £13,000 from Tesco.

In a 2016 interview, Gillian expressed her disappointment, stating, “The money was supposed to make everybody happy. But it’s made them demanding and greedy.

They have lost touch with where they’ve come from.”

The financial aid extended to her family members seemed to fuel their desires for more, leading to strained relationships.

I gave them £20m but it wasn’t enough: Lady who won £148m lottery Blasts her ‘greedy’ family

Gillian’s brother, who received £800,000 for a playcentre business, distanced himself from her and even married in secret, leaving Gillian feeling betrayed.

Moreover, Gillian accused her father of trying to seize control of her winnings, repeatedly attempting to claim a stake in her business.

The family’s extravagant lifestyle and flaunting of their newfound wealth further deepened the divide.

In 2016, Gillian’s mother, Brenda McCulloch, spoke of the sadness she felt over the lack of contact with her daughter and grandchildren.

She disputed the £20 million sum, claiming a much lower amount was received.

Adding to the tumultuous period, Gillian separated from her husband Adrian just 15 months after winning the lottery.

Adrian attributed the split to the stress of managing their newfound fortune and the couple’s inability to spend quality time together.

Gillian, now residing in Dundee, lamented the loss of family unity and accused her relatives of forgetting their roots.

The once-celebrated lottery win has become a cautionary tale of the unintended consequences that immense wealth can bring, tearing apart the fabric of a once-close family.

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