I Prefer K!ssing And S#x Scenes With Seasoned Actors – Nancy Isime

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

Nollywood actress and media personality Nancy Isime has shared her thoughts on kissing and sex scenes in movies.

During an interview with media personality Okoeguale Ehizojie, also known as Dadaboy, Nancy expressed her distaste for such roles.

Although she recently played kissing and sex scenes in a movie, Nancy claimed that there was nothing enjoyable about them.

I Prefer K!ssing And S#x Scenes With Seasoned Actor

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In her opinion, these scenes were just scripted and should be performed by actors with experience and a sense of professionalism.

Nancy explained that while such scenes might seem beautiful on screen, there were often thousands of people present during the filming. As a result, it was difficult to enjoy them.

She preferred to work with seasoned actors who understood the professionalism of a kissing or sex scene.

When it came to s3x scenes, Nancy acknowledged that everyone on set was dressed up, but there was still movement involved.

She believed that working with actors who were focused and committed to running through the script was the best approach.

Nancy’s perspective on kissing and s3x scenes in movies is unique, as many actors often embrace such roles to add depth to their performances.

However, she makes a valid point about the need for professionalism and experience in such situations.

Overall, Nancy’s comments serve as a reminder of the complexities involved in creating authentic and compelling scenes on screen.

With her experience in the industry, Nancy is well-placed to provide insights into the art of acting and the nuances of performing intimate scenes.

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