I won’t hesitate to break up with my boyfriend if another guy offers me Ghc 13,331: Lady (+VIDEO)

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A group of Ghanaian ladies have opened up about the amount of money they would consider enough to break up with their boyfriends.

In a street Vox Pop interview conducted, two young women revealed the exact amount that would be sufficient to make them leave their partners.

The first lady disclosed that if another man offers her Ghc 13,331 (approximately $2,250), she would not hesitate to break up with her boyfriend.

According to her, the amount is good enough for her to leave her current relationship.

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The second lady, on the other hand, stated that she would speedily leave her boyfriend if someone offers her $5,000.

She explained that she had asked her boyfriend for money, but he refused to give her any.

Therefore, if someone offers her the sum of $5,000, she would take it and leave him without thinking twice.

When asked about the consequences of her actions, the second lady said that if her man sees the interview, they would have to break up in reality.

I won’t hesitate to break up with my boyfriend

However, some social media users have expressed skepticism about the authenticity of their claims, suggesting that they might be making it up for attention or that they are involved in night hustling.

In response to the interview, one user advised against dating broke girls, while another wondered why the ladies did not ask their fathers for the money instead of seeking it from their boyfriends.

Some users also speculated that the ladies may have sugar daddies who are giving them money.

Check out the video below

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The interviews have sparked a conversation on social media about the dynamics of relationships and the role of money in them.

While some believe that the ladies’ behavior is indicative of the current economic situation and the increasing cost of living, others criticize them for their lack of loyalty and moral values.

Below are some of the reactions from social media users who have come across the video online…

Seunpizzle 4 – None of them have boyfriends….All these ones na night hustlers

Kingmenh – Stop dating broke girls you will not hear see wetin person dey date you can’t make money and you are asking for money God forbid

Viccy collection – Why u no go ask ur papa way born u money oloshi

Cassidyyng1 – Has she ever in her life made $5k for her life?

Doncruxe1 – Who dash the boyfriend. Na sugar daddy dm get and those mehn are beginning to show them pepper

Officialfenz – And your pa nor get money

Overall, the interviews serve as a reminder that money can be a significant factor in romantic relationships, and it is essential to have honest conversations with partners about financial expectations and boundaries.

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