India: Odisha train crash kills 288 and injures over 900 as death toll rises

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India Odisha Train Crash: Tragedy struck in India as a catastrophic train derailment claimed the lives of at least 288 individuals, leaving over 900 injured and countless others trapped inside the wreckage of more than a dozen damaged rail cars.

The incident occurred in Odisha’s Balasore district, approximately 137 miles southwest of Kolkata, around 7pm local time on a fateful Friday (June 2, 2023).

The scene that unfolded was one of sheer chaos, with twisted wreckage strewn about, as frantic rescuers valiantly endeavored to extricate trapped passengers and retrieve lifeless bodies. This calamity stands as the deadliest rail accident witnessed in India in over two decades, yet the exact cause of this devastating event remains shrouded in mystery.

According to Amitabh Sharma, a spokesperson for the railroad ministry, ten to twelve coaches of one train careened off the tracks, while debris from some of the mangled carriages tumbled onto an adjacent track. Tragically, fate dealt another blow when a passenger train hurtling in the opposite direction collided with the fallen debris, causing up to three coaches of the second train to also derail. Though reports suggest the involvement of a third train carrying freight, authorities have not yet confirmed this aspect.

Throughout the night, the death toll steadily climbed, casting a grim pall over the surroundings. Scores of deceased individuals, draped in white sheets, lay motionless near the train tracks, as local residents and rescuers worked fervently to aid survivors. In a remarkable display of solidarity, numerous individuals flocked to a nearby hospital, offering their blood for donation.

As night wore on, Odisha’s chief secretary, Pradeep Jena, took to Twitter to announce that over 200 ambulances, accompanied by 50 buses and 45 mobile health units, had been dispatched to the site. The mobilization of such extensive resources aimed to provide swift and comprehensive assistance.

Eyewitness accounts from villagers paint a picture of bravery and selflessness, as they rushed to evacuate passengers upon hearing the cacophony generated by the derailing train coaches.

Rupam Banerjee, a survivor, expressed heartfelt gratitude, stating, “The local people really went out on a limb to help us. They not only helped in pulling out people, but retrieved our luggage and got us water.”

Odisha train accident: Officials said over 260 have died

Vandana Kaleda, a passenger who endured the harrowing experience, recounted the terrifying moments when her coach violently shook and veered off the tracks. She witnessed people tumbling over one another, narrowly escaping the clutches of tragedy. Another survivor, opting to remain anonymous, shared his awakening from slumber due to the impact. He described fellow passengers with broken limbs and disfigured faces, bearing witness to the indescribable horror.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences to the bereaved families, assuring them that his thoughts were with them during this heart-wrenching time. He took to Twitter, stating, “May the injured recover soon.” Mr. Modi also revealed that he had spoken to the railway minister, affirming that all feasible aid and support were being extended.

Despite concerted efforts by the government to enhance rail safety, India’s expansive railway network, the largest managed under a single administration worldwide, continues to experience several hundred accidents each year.

The nation has endured its fair share of rail catastrophes, including the dreadful collision near New Delhi in August 1995, which claimed the lives of 358 people, making it the deadliest train accident in Indian history. In 2016, a passenger train veered off the tracks between Indore and Patna, resulting in the loss of 146 lives.

The causes of most train accidents in India are attributed to human error or outdated signaling equipment. Nevertheless, these devastating incidents persist, while over 12 million people embark on approximately. – 20NewsHub.

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