Instagram and Facebook Allows Users To Call For Putin’s Prosecution

By Prince Ubaha 3 Min Read

In review with Facebook and Instagram policies, calling for violence against a nation is deemed wrong and considered a violation of sovereignty power. However, in the wake of events; where Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and his comrades have been waging war with Ukraine, the owner of Instagram and Facebook have allowed some nations to call for the prosecution of Putin and allies supporting the invasion.

Meta in a statement said that policies have been adjusted to accumulate use of “violent words” against the Russian Leader and his Army.

This means that statements such as “death to the Russian invaders” and “Putin should be eliminated” are now legal and safe to use. Nevertheless, Meta strictly warned that the courtesy shouldn’t be extended to Russian civilians rather should be confined to Putin and his troops.

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In the meantime, Russia have issued a warning to the United States over their acclaimed Social Media misuse. The former Soviet Union claimed that the west are going extreme and disregarding fundamental media laws that should not be crossed and bridged.

A correspondent from Meat told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC):

“In light of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, we made a temporary exception for those affected by the war, to express violent sentiments toward invading armed forces.”

These sentiments can be used by several countries including Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. Hence, people from the approved countries can use their Facebook and Instagram account to call for the death of Putin and his ally in Belarus, Belarusian President Lukashenko.

Belarus and Ukraine have been on the same page with the former aiding and accelerating the war. According to reliable news sources, Russia underestimated Ukraine and didn’t expect such resistance.

With support from the west, Russia have resorted to slow take over – taking cities near the border and advancing slowly towards Kiev, Ukraine’s capital City.

Nonetheless, the emails stated that the contents should be properly cited and referred to the President of Russia, Russian armies, Belarus President as well as those supporting the war. The email reportedly said:

“We demand that US authorities stop the extremist activities of Meta, take measures to bring the perpetrators to justice,” Russia’s embassy in the US tweeted.

“Users of Facebook & Instagram did not give the owners of these platforms the right to determine the criteria of truth and pit nations against each other,” it added.

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