VIDEO: John Cena Reveals Rapping Saved Him From Getting Fired From WWE

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In a recent interview as a guest on Andrew Santino’s Whiskey Ginger podcast, John Cena, the American professional wrestler, actor, and former rapper, spoke about how rapping saved him from getting fired from WWE.

Cena, born with his legal name John Felix Anthony Cena, talked about his love for rap music and how freestyling saved him from getting fired early in his career.

He explained that he was about to get fired because no one could attach to who he was, and he wasn’t doing well. He was preparing for a UK tour, which he thought would be his final.

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However, on the tour bus overseas, some of the guys were freestyling in the back, and Cena joined in and did his best, trying to unleash the fury.

“People didn’t know who I was. Things were good, but no one could attach to who I am… I was about to get fired because I wasn’t doing well,” he said, stating that he was preparing for a UK tour, which he thought would be his final.

“On the tour bus overseas, they travel us all together and some of the guys are freestyling in the back. So I went in the back and waited for my turn and joined in, and just did the best I could… and tried to unleash the fury.”

John Cena said

According to Cena, in the front of the bus was Stephanie McMahon, daughter of WWE executive chairman Vince McMahon, who was also the head of the writing team. Cena recalled that McMahon asked him how he managed to remember all the lyrics he freestyled in the back of the bus. Cena explained to her the concept of freestyling, and McMahon then challenged him to make up something about her on the spot.

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After his impromptu freestyle performance for Stephanie McMahon on the tour bus, Cena was asked if he was comfortable incorporating it into his WWE routine. He agreed and started freestyling in WWE, which he believed ultimately saved him from getting fired.

Watch the video of the interview below

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