Kanye West Won’t Be Charged In Battery Investigation For Throwing Paparazzi’s Phone

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According to a report by TMZ, Kanye West will not be facing any charges for his actions of grabbing and throwing a photographer’s phone.

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office stated on Wednesday that while the phone did suffer minor damage, the majority of the damage was to the $30 case around the device. The female paparazzo involved in the incident declined to press charges against West.

The incident took place in January when West was captured on camera grabbing and throwing the photographer’s phone into the street near a basketball facility where his daughter North was playing. The altercation occurred after West requested that the paparazzi not film him while he was spending time with his children.

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In the weeks that followed the incident, Kanye West was spotted outside the West Hollywood Sheriff’s department, where he requested that deputies take care of the paparazzi who were following him.

It appears that Kanye West has managed to avoid any legal consequences after grabbing and throwing a paparazzo’s phone, thanks to the photographer declining to press charges. Although West’s actions were certainly aggressive, the lack of charges means that the rapper will not be facing any legal entanglements as a result of the incident.

The incident involving Kanye West and the paparazzo’s phone underscores the ongoing tensions between celebrities and the paparazzi. It raises questions about how to find a balance between respecting celebrities’ privacy while still allowing the media to cover their public lives.

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