“I Was Not Down With Stroke” – KiDi Finally Clears The Air (See Details)

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I never regret not doing gospel – Kidi

Popular Ghanaian musician KiDi has finally addressed the rumours surrounding his health that have been circulating on social media for the past few months.

The singer had suspended his GoldenBoy North American tour earlier this year, citing health issues as the reason for the cancellation.

However, his absence from social media only fuelled speculation that he was battling with a stroke.

In a post shared on his social media accounts, KiDi has denied the rumours and set the record straight about his health.


He thanked his family, friends, and fans for their concern during his absence and assured them that he is back and active, creating music and performing for his fans.

KiDi’s statement comes after his record label, Lynx Entertainment, had already dismissed the rumours as false.

CEO Richie Mensah had urged fans and followers of the musician to ignore the speculation and assured them that KiDi was doing well.


Despite this, the rumours continued to spread on social media, causing concern among KiDi’s fans.

Many had been eagerly awaiting news about the musician’s health and were relieved to hear directly from him that he was not battling with a stroke.

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KiDi’s announcement has been welcomed by his fans, who are looking forward to hearing new music from the artist.

He has assured them that he is back and ready to continue where he left off before his health challenge.


In conclusion, KiDi’s statement has put an end to months of speculation and rumours about his health.

The musician has confirmed that he is not battling with a stroke and is back to creating music and performing for his fans.

His fans will undoubtedly be relieved to hear directly from him and can now look forward to enjoying his music once again.


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