Klopp: “We’ll take what we can get,”as hopes of reaching the top four this season in jeopardy

By Xorkpe Sosu 2 Min Read

Although Liverpool has shown improvement in recent games, they remain seven points away from securing a Champions League spot and are currently sitting in seventh place, which wouldn’t qualify them for the UEFA Conference League.

Ahead of their match against Tottenham, manager Jurgen Klopp was asked about the prospect of playing in the Europa League next season, a position currently held by the London club.

“We’ll take what we can get,” the Reds boss said.Jurgen Klopp has admitted that Liverpool’s season goals have shifted due to their current position in the Premier League.

The Reds manager acknowledged that while they are still striving for Champions League qualification, they will accept whatever opportunities come their way, including the Europa League.


Klopp’s comments reflect the disappointment of a team that was hoping for a better outcome this season but is now focused on making the most of the remaining matches.

“At the start of the season we didn’t think qualifying for the Europa League was fantastic, but the season has taken us this way and that’s fine,” he added.

Liverpool faces a relatively favorable fixture list, but the current point gap with Manchester United and Newcastle indicates that Champions League qualification will be a challenging task.


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