Watch Video: man pops up claiming to be Kuami Eugene’s biological father

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Kuami Eugene biological father

A viral video making rounds on social media has captured a 60-year old man who is claiming to be the biological son of Lynx Entertainment artiste, Kuami Eugene.

The man identified himself as Samuel Kwasi Boakye, and he stated in the trending video that, the Rockstar we know to be Kuami Eugene is his son, he is not Kwame because he was born on Friday, which makes him Kofi Boakye, he also added that Kuami’s mother who we know to be Ama Wusuaa.

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“When I gave birth to him I named him Kofi Boakye, not Kwame” Mr. Samuel Boakye said.

According to him, Mr. Marfo who the public knows to be Kuami’s father is not the biological father but rather his stepfather, adding that he came to marry Eugene’s mom after he [Samuel] traveled.

Mr. Samuel revealed that when he married Ama Wusuaa, she had a child who was about 6 months older before they both welcomed the Rockstar, Kuami Eugene, saying that they gave birth to him in 1989.

“I once called him and he said his mother is not Ama Wusuaa but I know it`s a lie. Her mother took him away and I never saw them again”.

He added that he has tried his very best to get to know his son but to no avail, saying he is not chasing after him just because he is rich and famous but rather to reconnect with his son.

I am not looking for my son because he is rich and famous now. I just want to reconnect with my son.”

Watch the video below.

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