Man who received first pig kidney transplant dies

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Richard “Rick” Slayman, 62, who was the first person to receive a genetically edited kidney from a pig, has died according to reports.

Suffering from end-stage kidney disease, Richard underwent the groundbreaking procedure in March, only to depart from this world merely two months post-surgery.

The news of his demise was confirmed by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the medical facility behind the historic transplant, on Saturday.

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“Mass General is deeply saddened at the sudden passing of Mr. Rick Slayman. We have no indication that it was the result of his recent transplant,” expressed the hospital in a late Saturday statement.

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Transplants of other organs from genetically modified pigs have failed in the past, but the operation on Mr Slayman was hailed as a historic milestone.

This is a picture of 62 year old Richard "Rick" Slayman, the Man who received first pig kidney transplant dies, he passed away two months after his surgery.
Richard “Rick” Slayman: Man who received first pig kidney transplant dies

In addition to battling kidney disease, Richard grappled with Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Despite a human kidney transplant in 2018, his health declined after five years.

Post his pig kidney transplant on March 16, Richard’s medical team reported his liberation from dialysis, signifying the successful integration of the new organ.

Although Richard became the inaugural recipient of a pig kidney, it wasn’t the premier instance of pig organ transplantation.

Previously, two individuals underwent pig heart transplants, yet sadly, they succumbed within weeks, rendering those attempts unsuccessful.

With over 100,000 individuals awaiting transplants nationally, predominantly kidney patients, and with thousands losing their lives annually while awaiting their turn, the need for innovative solutions remains pressing.

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